Premiere M&M Classicoauction 2022

Unsere Selektion an Rohdiamanten der M&M Sportpferde GbR kommt zum Verkauf bzw. werden verauktioniert Und zwar auf drei Wegen. Neben einer öffentlichen Versteigerung mit Publikum gibt es zwei weitere Möglichkeiten, bei der Auktion mitzubieten. Wie gewohnt können registrierte Bieter ihr Gebot am Telefon abgeben. Dafür muss lediglich vorab der Gebotszettel ausgefüllt vorliegen. Außerdem ist das so genannte Live-Online-Bieten möglich. Und das ist ganz einfach.
Über die Website können Sie sich für das Live-Online-Bieten anmelden. Einfach den Schritten in der Registrierung folgen und die Bestätigung per E-Mail abwarten. Am Auktionstag, den 05.03.2022 ab 19:30 Uhr können Sie die Auktion dort im Livestream verfolgen. Technisch unterstützt wird unsere Hybridauktion durch HSR-performance.

Das HSR-Hybrid Auktionssystem ist ein webbasiertes Online-Auktionssystem, bei dem registrierte Bieter live und in Echtzeit an einer Präsenz-Auktion teilnehmen können, ohne persönlich vor Ort sein zu müssen. Das Auktionsgeschehen wird mit Hilfe eines latenzfreien Videostreams (Latenz unter 0,8 sec) live übertragen. Der registrierte Bieter sieht sowohl das gerade zu versteigernde Pferd, als auch den Auktionator. Das aktuelle Pferd in der Auktion incl. Beschaffenheitsdaten, die Versteigerungsreihenfolge (order of sale), die bisherigen Zuschlagspreise der Auktionspferde und das aktuelle Höchstgebot werden zu jedem Zeitpunkt in Echtzeit dargestellt.
Über ein integriertes Gebotsfenster können eigene Gebote durch den Bieter online abgegeben werden. Diese hereinkommenden Gebote sieht der Auktionator ebenfalls in Echtzeit auf seinem Control Panel vor Ort. Die Gebote können so in das normale Versteigerungs-Prozedere vor Ort durch den Auktionator integriert werden.

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Answers to the registration process

How do I register?

Simply click on registration at and register with the relevant data. You can then activate yourself via the confirmation link sent by e-mail and off you go. If you already have an account, click Login above or sign in.

After successful registration, you have the opportunity to view the current examination protocols of the auction horses. You can find these directly in the profile of the respective horse.

Can I bid without registering?

No, this is not possible. You must have an activated profile to participate in the auction. Register here. Click on the link in the activation email to complete the registration.

Answers to the auction and the bidding process

How do I know if I've been outbid?

When registering, you must provide a valid email address. You will be informed automatically as soon as you have been outbid. You cannot change the email address later.

Who sees my data when bidding?

Privacy is important to us. Therefore no one will publicly know your details or your name when bidding. Only the organizer has access to your data in order to be able to contact you if you are awarded the contract. Under no circumstances will your data be passed on to third parties.

Who can I contact if I have questions about one of the auction candidates?

Feel free to get in touch with our contact persons at any time by telephone or e-mail. During business hours, please feel free to contact

Hilmar Meyer,
International Sales Manager +49 172 423 56 07 or

Tjark Nagel,
Marketing & Consulting trainer +49 172 620 17 26

send us an e-mail to the auction office

How can I find out about the health of the horse?

All horses were clinically and radiologically examined by specialist veterinarians before admission. The veterinary examination protocols are available and can be viewed by you after registration.

Can I try the horses too?

Our personal selection of promising show jumpers, 10 rough diamonds in number, can be seen in the period

from Mon. 02/21/2022 to 03/02/22 in the daily training interval

and tried out by arrangement. Our customer advisors are on hand to help you choose the right horse. Getting to know and trying out is of course a matter of course. Pro forma applies that trying out the horses is at your own risk, so please have a cap with you. Please make an appointment with our customer advisors in advance, as we would like to arrange the number of customer visits as best as possible in view of the current pandemic situation.

Who do I contact with technical questions and problems?

Please contact the HSR team at

After the auction

Which bid determines the end of the auction?

The end of the auction for a particular horse is automatically extended by a further 2 minutes after the last bid, which means: I bid at 2.59 p.m. on catalog number 1, which would automatically end at 3 p.m. The end of the auction for catalog number 1 is now postponed by 2 minutes to 3:01 p.m., etc. The auction for the individual catalog number ends as soon as no higher bid is submitted in the corresponding period. This does not change the end of the auction for catalog number 2 at 3:03 p.m.

For example, how will I be informed of a surcharge?

Immediately after the end of the auction for the respective horse, you will be notified by e-mail to the e-mail address known to us.

How does the payment work? After the auction How do I pay for the horse?

M&M Sportpferde GbR will contact you on Monday after the auction for the purpose of invoicing and payment. The bidder then receives the invoice stating the price with the commission fee, sales tax and insurance fee shown.

What happens to the horse after the auction and who bears the risk?

After the purchase, the auctioned horse must be picked up by the purchaser at the Zug um Zug location against payment of the purchase price or against advance payment. We are happy to provide the customer with assistance in organizing a transport option for the horse. For this purpose we transmit contact details to possible forwarders. With the end of the auction or the purchase of the horse, the risk of accidental deterioration or the loss of the horse passes from the seller to the buyer. The horse is insured for 8 weeks after the surcharge.

When and where will the horses be handed over?

The handover takes place in the sports center of the

Sportzentrum LöwenClassics
Grosse Strasse 15
D-38116 Braunschweig

after payment the purchase price.